Municipal Program

Upcycle Products offers two (2) template Programs for Municipalities. Additionally, we can customize any of our plans to suit specific needs for each community including creation of accessory kits, education, and demonstrations on installation. Both of our plans include the rain barrels and instructions for installation.


Product Only: Per barrel cost per estimate provided.

The Municipal Customer would be responsible for:

  • All advertising
  • Taking barrel orders
  • Collecting payments
  • Coordinating and handling “pick up day”
  • Communicating with UpCycle Products about the amount of barrels and accessories needed and delivering for “pick up day”
  • Handling any customer service issues with the purchaser of the barrels

Turn-Key Program: Per barrel cost per estimate plus $4.00.

This could be considered to be a one-time or an ongoing campaign where we assist the Municipality's designated point of contact to setup and run the campaign.
UpCycle Products would:

  • Handle two designated location advertising/education events
    (Example: Supermarket parking lots)
  • Collect payment for barrels (Allow residents to order online through website, phone orders, mail-in order forms or drop the order forms at City Hall or designated location)
  • Provide one display rain barrel at City’s location of choice
  • File final report with City Point of Contact
Additional Services Available:

Please ask for quote on additional services.

  • Handle Media for campaign
  • Print and distribute brochures announcing Campaign
UpCycle Products would need from City

  • One person from the City to be our Point of Contact
  • City Crest in graphic format
  • Letter of introduction from Mayor/City Council/Village Trustee to be used with media, local business, etc.
  • Point of Contact information for:
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • School System
    • Public Works
    • City Newspaper
  • Link with City Website
Plans are as follows:

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